Sell more! Sell more often! With a simple, web based loyalty platform, built specifically for local stores!

- Redefine customer loyalty in light of the latest research used in the context of local stores like yours.
 Your customers visit your Ofrino mobile page while at the store and start collecting bonuses in a second! No app to download, no account to create, no spam, no hassle


Time and again, targeted studies have shown us that the most effective way to improve the situation of your business is to have as many repeat customers as possible. Indeed, if you manage to turn only 5% more of your customers into regular customers, you would increase your income up to 25% or even 125%! On average, it costs five times cheaper to maintain your existing customers than to acquire new ones.

Ofrino has taken established theories and powerful concepts that large companies use, then filtered, simplified, tested and readapted them to convenience stores. The result is a simple and elegant system that helps you build a solid foundation for the success of your store, for your benefit and that of your customers.


Simple and easy: Your customers visit your ofrino web-page by either typing your specific web address (exp: by scanning your custom QR code. No account to create, no application to install. The whole process takes less than 2 seconds!


Create an understandable and transparent reward system for a relationship of trust with your customers. Avoid cryptic systems that drain the energy and commitment of your customers.


Set up and compose your own ofrino loyalty card. Choose the formula that best suits your business and your customers for an optimal relationship.


Engage clients with a combination of expected short -and long- term gains as well as small surprises. Make each visit a pleasant experience.


Dynamic loyalty system, where discounts and bonuses increase or decrease depending on the customer’s activity. Motivate your customers to maintain their commitment so as to avoid losing their earnings and status.


It only takes a simple smartphone or computer to access and use your ofrino page. You are ready to protect your business with our extremely simple and effective loyalty program.

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Why Ofrino, why now?

Local shops are under pressure. There is increasing competition from major retail chains and online giants. Experts predict a sharp decline in the number of stores in the coming years.

Times are challenging, family members, friends and neighbors are struggling to thrive or even just to survive. At Ofrino we take this to heart. We make it our mission to find the best solutions and help local businesses and convenience stores.

Benefit from Ofrino’s expertise and technology to stop the bleeding! As local businesses we have many assets that we will use to turn the situation in our favor. We compete on our own ground to promote a close and robust interaction with our customers!

Benefit from the results of the latest studies to have the best customer loyalty possible! Ofrino combines tools and technologies adapted to create an appropriate solution for proximity stores.

We are just getting started. We already have a number of new concepts on the drawing board, which we believe will bring the competitiveness of convenience stores to a whole new level. These new features are derived from the interaction with our partner stores, where the strengths of local stores are highlighted and exploited. Together, we will cooperate in order to always stay one step ahead.

For the moment, Ofrino is only deployed to pre-selected partners. The limited number of shops helps us with setting up tight and continuous feedback processes. Indeed, each new region, each new type of store must be specially studied. Customer response and system efficiency must be continuously measured. This will allow us to customize and optimize ofrino for our different partners.

Register you store and go past the queue in your area!

Efficient, simple and of course the whole offered at a very affordable price.

Many stores, even relatively large chains, are pushed to the limit. If the trend continues, a hecatomb is waiting for us. The change in consumer behavior in favor of e-commerce, and the giants of distribution is becoming more pronounced. If the point of no return is reached, industries hitherto spared will be affected by the domino effect. But this is not inevitable, there has been a lot of innovation and research in recent years that we will use to reverse the trend and give a real boost to our convenience stores.


Deal sites can sell a lot of products at a considerably lower price. However, as early as 2011 research began to show us that this method did more harm than good. With frequent promotional campaigns, we teach customers to expect significantly reduced prices all the time, thus increasing the pressure on our business. Even worse, we are losing a chance to create a lasting relationship with our customers.


Access to your ofrino page should be quick and easy. Requiring the prior download of smartphone application will repel many customers. Research shows us that consumers are downloading fewer and fewer applications. Many have bad experience with security issues, disk space and battery usage. In addition, people fear being faced with a slew of additional requirements, such as access to contacts and text messages, as well as entry requirements for credit card information. Completely based on the good old web, Ofrino offers an easy solution for you and your customers.


People feel bombarded by aggressive ads that chase them to their phones, spy and track all their movements on the Internet and in the real world. People have learned to ignore advertisements in the media and to block them completely whenever they can. Know that when customers come to your store, it’s a golden opportunity to build a lasting and profitable relationship for both parties.

Our loyalty program must offer a sense of security, customers must feel valued and welcome. An honest, transparent and risk-free system built to ensure a pleasant and lasting experience.

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We are working hard to open our service to all interested stores. But it may be that some must first go through a waiting list. We obviously prioritize early registrants and invitations from our partners. We also consider other parameters such as the location of the store and the industry in which they operate. To have the best chance of being taken, please give as much information as possible in the form below. If you register in the waiting list during the beta version, you will automatically access an exclusive list of customers who will receive early access to our latest features and extensions.